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It Kept Cracking My Password

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I wanted to learn how to hack a Snapchat account for security reasons. People use this app for all sorts of reasons, many for reasons that they wouldn’t want the whole world to know about, and when I decided to use the app I wanted to test the its security. If I was going to use this app for relationship reasons, I certainly didn’t want my personal information and content to get into the wrong hands. I ran some of my own tests and it seemed like the security was up to snuff. That’s all basic stuff, though, and not a real test.

I went online to see if I could find some Snapchat crackers. Continue reading

The Perfect Apartment Was Easy to Find

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I thought I was going to be looking at apartments for a while. I was not about to settle for something again, and I did not care if it took me two weeks or two months to find the next place I would call home. I have settled too often in the past, and then I have lived with regret each time I did that. I was bound and determined to find the right apartment for me, and I did just that. The amazing thing is that it did not take me nearly as long as I thought it would. Continue reading

My Husband Taught Me About Another Way to Relax at Night

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I usually lay in bed at night and read e-books. My husband, on the other hand, likes to play video games on his laptop in bed. He usually plays with the sound low, and I usually didn’t pay attention to what he was playing. But the other night I was tired of reading, and I looked over and saw him downloading a Forge of Empires diamond cheat to help him play a favorite game of his. I began to ask him questions, and then he handed me his laptop and asked me if I wanted to try to play. That sucked me in quickly, and now I can’t get enough of it!

It’s now kind of funny to think of me playing video games in bed at night. For the last 20 years I have always read before bed. Previously, I always read paperbacks or hardback books. As soon as tablets became widely available for reading digital books, I bought one. I have thousands of e-books. I can’t wait to read them every night. But learning how to play this game that my husband loves so much has taken me away from reading just a little bit. Continue reading