It Kept Cracking My Password

I wanted to learn how to hack a Snapchat account for security reasons. People use this app for all sorts of reasons, many for reasons that they wouldn’t want the whole world to know about, and when I decided to use the app I wanted to test the its security. If I was going to use this app for relationship reasons, I certainly didn’t want my personal information and content to get into the wrong hands. I ran some of my own tests and it seemed like the security was up to snuff. That’s all basic stuff, though, and not a real test.

I went online to see if I could find some Snapchat crackers. Surely, I thought, someone out there had set up something that people could use to get into accounts. My first thought was someone would use it to try and crack a famous person’s account. That’s what I would do. So I went online and it didn’t take long to find what I was looking for in a hack. I smiled at their claims about how easy it would be to get into someone’s account. I doubted it would work, but gave it a shot just to see what would happen.

Long story short, it hacked my account in no time at all. Not a problem because I wasn’t using that strong of a password. So I beefed it up a bit and tried again. Again, it got into my account fairly quickly. I kept coming up with new passwords and it kept hacking my account. I stopped short of creating really long passwords that would require a password manager or actually writing it down. I don’t know if it can crack a huge password, but it can do most everything else. This is an impressive tool indeed.

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