Life in Portugal: Traditional Portuguese Wedding Gifts


Portuguese weddings are expected to be surprising, with several dishes with meat, seafood, desserts and drinks. If invited to a wedding in Portugal, then you need to find the right gift. The newly married couple will enjoy receiving a gift that represents the country traditional wedding customs. Cash for tableware and linen hand-embroidered, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Portuguese traditional wedding gifts should help the couple newly married to start a home together. Here are some gift ideas to help you out:

table service these products are a general basic element in most wedding registries. Ensure you of that you ask articles Portuguese regionally hand. Many shops sell reproductions of 17TH-century of natural clay and 15. Handmade ceramic tableware is a family tradition in Portugal. This European country is famous for its ceramics and thin tiles. The newly married coupled expect classic dishes in timeless shapes, bowls dessert designed for daily use and sets Cup made porcelain hand decorated with unique details.

kitchen utensils these beautiful pieces of pottery utensils allow traditional methods of Portuguese cuisine. Roasting pans, ceramic pots and pans of mud is widely used in the Portuguese cuisine. These items are available in all shapes and styles. If you are looking for traditional Portuguese wedding gifts, consider purchasing a cataplana. This piece of Cookware is composed of two clams that flush-mounted metal-conchas. The Portuguese used cataplanas to enhance the flavors of fish and seafood. Money

the money dance is one of the most popular traditions of wedding in Portugal. Male guests pay to dance with the bride, while women pay to dance with the groom. The wedding show is passed among the guests to collect the money, which will help the couple newly married to cover wedding costs, pay for their honeymoon and buy their own home. If you have not yet found a wedding gift, can simply give money to help to the newlyweds begin their life together.

Portuguese embroidery

Portuguese had embroidered tablecloths and towels tray make excellent wedding gifts. This country is known for the beautiful embroidery. Most items is characterized by the beauty and simplicity, with unique details and traditional patterns. When you go shopping for a wedding gift, consider purchasing a traditional linen tablecloth, a love scarf, embroidered carpet or cloth of tray with traditional such as Brambles, flowers and leaves. A set of Portuguese tablecloths embroidered by hand surely will be appreciated.


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