My Husband Taught Me About Another Way to Relax at Night

I usually lay in bed at night and read e-books. My husband, on the other hand, likes to play video games on his laptop in bed. He usually plays with the sound low, and I usually didn’t pay attention to what he was playing. But the other night I was tired of reading, and I looked over and saw him downloading a Forge of Empires diamond cheat to help him play a favorite game of his. I began to ask him questions, and then he handed me his laptop and asked me if I wanted to try to play. That sucked me in quickly, and now I can’t get enough of it!

It’s now kind of funny to think of me playing video games in bed at night. For the last 20 years I have always read before bed. Previously, I always read paperbacks or hardback books. As soon as tablets became widely available for reading digital books, I bought one. I have thousands of e-books. I can’t wait to read them every night. But learning how to play this game that my husband loves so much has taken me away from reading just a little bit. I’m happy to have a new interest, though!

My husband told me that he is going to set me up on the computer with some more games. He said that my computer is more robust and can handle a lot more games. I am excited about it. I love having a new thing talk to him about that we both really like. I also really like the relaxation factor. All the stress I go through daily slips away when I read or play a video game. Both help me fall asleep easier. If I just try to lay down in bed at night without doing anything to keep my mind off of things, I lay away and worry unecessarily. That doesn’t happen anymore with books or gaming.

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