Serving Soup at Your Wedding


when we think of wedding meal, probably the first thing that comes to mind is “meat from beef or chicken?” Fortunately, the trend these days is standard aleja banquet hall fee towards food more attractive for receptions. In front of this trend is the movement of food, which leads us to the soup. Whatever season your wedding will be held in, serve the soup at the reception is a great way to complete the menu.

naturally, the soup is more often associated with the months coldest of the year. However, it does not rule out a tasty cold soup for a summer wedding. You can have an unexpected addition to the menu you can really enjoy your guests. For a spring wedding, a cold served fresh spring pea soup would be lovely. A small cup of it would be a good way to start a formal seated dinner, or it can be featured last in trays into tall glasses during the cocktail hour. Little “shots” of soup are an of the forms more elegant to serve an old favorite in a new way fresh.

in the summer, nothing better than a refreshing cold fruit soup. A strawberry and cream soup would be tasty and sweet on a summer afternoon. Many other fruits can be ground in the soup, such as melon, melon or watermelon. They can be offered during cocktails on a hot summer day or serves as a cleaner of palette between courses at the dinner, similar to a sorbet.

as the summer turns to autumn, is time to think to serve a hot soup for your wedding. There are many from which to choose, so think that a soup that has a connection with your girlfriend or that is a favorite of his cultural background. For example, if you have a wedding rustic autumn and with a simple dress with wedding jewelry handmade, a spiced pumpkin or squash soup would come the occasion perfectly. On the other hand, if your wedding will be exclusive, with a made hand decorated wedding dress and sparkling Crystal jewelry, a more luxurious a fresh Lobster bisque soup would be a flawless addition to the wedding dinner.

a fantastic way of including soup at your wedding is to select one of its heritage. A bride whose parents come from the India could choose a mulligatawny. A rich lamb stew would make a succulent dish for the wedding of a couple from Ireland and the United States, with Irish soda bread baked fresh. And of course, a soup of simple miso a light and pleasant accompaniment to a bride or groom with Japanese heritage reception. A variation of this idea is that your catering recreate an ancient recipe family to share with their guests, such as famous grandmother matzah ball soup. Be sure to include a note on their menu so everyone knows the story behind any special dish that you are serving.

presentation is everything for the wedding meal, and the soup is no exception. As mentioned above, a shot glass is one of the ways more hip to serve a small soup. Soup for a formal dinner belongs in a shallow container with a wide brim, and of course onion always should be served in a bowl. Any variety you choose, you can dress it with attractive garnishes, like a sprig of mint in a spring pea soup, a swirl of cream in a tomato soup, or a crunchy croutons home on almost any type of hot soup. Hot or cold, earthy or elegant, your guests are sure to enjoy the surprise of an excellent fresh soup at your wedding reception.


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