So, You’re Thinking About a Double Wedding?


the cost of what are weddings, planning, and paying two weddings at the same time is more than most families can manage. Inevitably, someone will suggest, Hey-why not do a wedding double? Depending on the people involved, this can be a winning idea or a total disaster. These are the pros and cons of double weddings.

can have several significant advantages to shared weddings. The first is cost. Instead of paying to entertain members of the same family twice, why not save money doing all at the same time? We do not, however, expect that you can throw a wedding for two couples for the same price as a celebration for a couple. You definitely need a bigger local, and while you will only have food and beverage costs to the family of the bride once, the family of the bride and groom will have a list of guests to. And of course a larger place means more flowers, more linen rental and possibly even a band larger or more powerful sound system. Of course, there will be two wedding dresses and bridal jewelry sets as well. While a shared reception will not be half the price of the two parties only, still it can realistically save about 1/4 to 1/3 in two separate events, which will add up to thousands of dollars.

is not just the parents of brides who find a better value a double wedding. For members of the family town that would have been invited to both events, your costs will be reduced by half (except wedding gifts). His family not only save money, but also time. When two sisters are planning weddings that are together, is not only travel expenses that may be difficult, but that makes the time for two separate trips. Having an affair all-in-one will surely easier for loved ones to attend to. It will also prevent the possibility of hurt feelings when customers accept a sister’s wedding but reject the other because it is not possible for them to attend both.

of course, there may be some quite serious cons for a double wedding. Before committing to the concept of a common, consider wedding planning carefully how you and her sister see the world. The biggest problem is when the pair of sisters does not share the same vision of the perfect wedding. Both tend to like the same style of clothes, similar colors, the same kinds of places? They work well together, with a good balance of give and take, or there is a sister who always has to get their own way? If you are both now pointing to his sister, saying: ‘She!’, is likely to find accord plans wedding to be a rocky road! Also, be honest with yourself; If you want really long to be the center of attention on the day of your wedding, how does feel share the center of attention?

to the sisters that ultimately they decide to have a double wedding, there are some things that can help move more smoothly. Agreement on a vision unified for decoration and food, but each sister still show your individuality when it comes to the wedding dresses, jewelry and her bridesmaid outfit systems. It coordinates, but does not correspond. To disable the arguments, the older sister name goes first at the invitation and she exchanged vows in the first place. Work with your officiant to weave the two sets of vows in a ceremony the guests have to put two back to back complete ceremonies. Once at the front desk, a double wedding can result in a huge and wonderful, party so enjoy it to the fullest!


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