The Perfect Apartment Was Easy to Find

I thought I was going to be looking at apartments for a while. I was not about to settle for something again, and I did not care if it took me two weeks or two months to find the next place I would call home. I have settled too often in the past, and then I have lived with regret each time I did that. I was bound and determined to find the right apartment for me, and I did just that. The amazing thing is that it did not take me nearly as long as I thought it would.

I went online and did a search for local apartments, and I was able to discount a lot of complexes just by looking at the photos and amenities lists they had on their sites. When I got to the Regency apartments though, I knew I did not have to look any further. These apartments were a bit father than I was expecting to look, but that really did not matter since I do most of my work from home anyway. I do travel into the office about once a week or so, so adding an extra 20 minutes on to the drive was worth it to find such a wonderful place I could call home.

The apartment is nice. It’s actually better than nice, because it seems like it was customized just for me. It is a one bedroom unit that has a small study as well. I use that for my home office, which is really nice since I don’t have to clutter up my bedroom or living room with my computer desk and filing cabinet. I also have a glorious view from my patio, so I will work out there a good bit on nice days. This is just the perfect place for me, and I am glad it did not take very long to find.

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